Rice Pudding

For almost all of my life, I have hated rice pudding. But recently my wife made some (up to now, I’ve only seen her eat it from a tin – disgusting stuff). And it was awesome. So now I keep making rice pudding. I recently had occasion to cook it for a lot of people. Here’s the recipe. 500g pudding rice
250g demarara sugar
1l whole milk
flavourings (see below)
ground nutmeg Flavourings: there’s probably a lot you can do, but the two I did most recently were (choose one): a) Zest of two oranges (I like to peel them with a potato peeler and then finely slice the peel) plus ground seeds from about 20-30 cardamom pods (pods removed). b) Zest of two limes and two lemons (as above). Put nearly all ingredients in a flat oven dish, should be about 1.5″ deep and mix. Dust the top
nutmeg. Cook at gas mark 3 for 2 hours. This should give you a nearly completely dried out rice pudding, with just a touch of moistness and a strong flavour. Which is how I like it. Serve with double cream. Should feed 12 generously. What? I didn’t say it was slimming!

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