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#ThomasFire live, Doc Searls, 2017/12/10, 15:44

Bad and dead air, Doc Searls, 2017/12/06, 16:32

Seventh working draft of W3C Web Authentication (WebAuthn) specification, Mike Jones, 2017/12/05, 15:38

Requiem for a great magazine, Doc Searls, 2017/12/01, 17:44

OAuth Token Exchange spec adding URIs for SAML assertions, Mike Jones, 2017/11/30, 15:57

Still no serious coverage of pirate radio, Doc Searls, 2017/11/29, 10:08

United Wifi: How Can It Be So Bad?, Drummond Reed, 2017/11/22, 21:53

OAuth Authorization Server Metadata spec incorporating IETF last call feedback, Mike Jones, 2017/11/15, 22:56

A miracle of flight, Doc Searls, 2017/11/11, 00:27

Trust vs Confidence, =andy.dale, 2017/11/08, 16:08

Jack Ucciferri for 4th District, Doc Searls, 2017/11/04, 06:52

Eight years and counting, =andy.dale, 2017/11/01, 10:07

Fixing the Five Problems of Internet Identity, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2017/10/31, 13:53

Proof-of-Possession Key Semantics for CBOR Web Tokens (CWTs) spec using CBOR diagnostic notation, Mike Jones, 2017/10/30, 17:57

On platforms and sustainability, JP, 2017/10/30, 15:54

Revolutions take time, Doc Searls, 2017/10/29, 10:55

Dear DSCC: unsubscribe means unsubscribe, Doc Searls, 2017/10/29, 10:19

Ya(cht) gotta love the Web, Doc Searls, 2017/10/28, 11:16

Tab closings, Doc Searls, 2017/10/26, 22:05

CBOR Web Token (CWT) specification adding CBOR_Key values and Key IDs to examples, Mike Jones, 2017/10/26, 20:22

OAuth and OpenID Connect Token Binding specs updated, Mike Jones, 2017/10/26, 18:21

OpenID Presentations at October 16, 2017 OpenID Workshop and IIW, Mike Jones, 2017/10/24, 22:11

Boston is the Top Radio Market for Sports, Doc Searls, 2017/10/24, 18:28

Minimize Ladder Length over Wall, Axel Nennker, 2017/10/15, 08:58

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