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Toward no longer running naked through the digital world, Doc Searls, 2018/10/12, 07:05

The core Token Binding specs are now RFCs 8471, 8472, and 8473, Mike Jones, 2018/10/08, 19:36

Vote to update OpenID IPR Policy document now, Mike Jones, 2018/09/29, 11:17

We can do better than selling our data, Doc Searls, 2018/09/18, 19:22

Fall Travel 2018, Alice Marwick, 2018/09/18, 10:57

Multi-Source and Self-Sovereign Identity, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/09/11, 10:38

The role of standards in accelerating innovation, Mike Jones, 2018/08/29, 09:48

You’ve Had an Automobile Accident: Multi-Source Identity to the Rescue, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/08/29, 02:09

Please let’s finally kill logins and passwords, Doc Searls, 2018/08/24, 06:43

It’s Time for Token Binding, Mike Jones, 2018/08/21, 11:00

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