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Ongoing recognition for the impact of OpenID Connect and OpenID Certification, Mike Jones, 2018/05/18, 08:46

OpenID Certification wins 2018 European Identity and Cloud Award, Mike Jones, 2018/05/17, 23:55

OpenID Presentations at May 2018 European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC), Mike Jones, 2018/05/16, 05:27

GDPR will pop the adtech bubble, Doc Searls, 2018/05/12, 09:06

Security Event Token (SET) updates addressing IESG feedback, Mike Jones, 2018/05/09, 17:59

JWT BCP updates addressing WGLC feedback, Mike Jones, 2018/05/09, 17:01

Day of Amazement – Technovation Calgary, 2018, Pamela, 2018/05/09, 15:27

“CBOR Web Token (CWT)” is now RFC 8392, Mike Jones, 2018/05/08, 16:03

On our journey to deprecate the password: Public Implementation Draft of FIDO2 Client to Authenticator Protocol (CTAP) specification, Mike Jones, 2018/05/07, 18:19

Additional RSA Algorithms for COSE Messages Registered by W3C WebAuthn, Mike Jones, 2018/05/02, 18:28

Security Event Token (SET) spec addressing additional SecDir review comments, Mike Jones, 2018/05/01, 15:52

Well here I am!, Pamela, 2018/04/30, 21:59

Coherence and Decentralized Systems, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/04/27, 16:05

Building openssl for libindy and Android, Axel Nennker, 2018/04/25, 04:07

Late-breaking changes to OAuth Token Exchange syntax, Mike Jones, 2018/04/24, 15:48

OAuth Device Flow spec addressing Area Director comments, Mike Jones, 2018/04/23, 12:12

Security Event Token (SET) spec addressing Area Director review comments, Mike Jones, 2018/04/17, 22:18

Move to Korea, Craig Burton, 2018/04/10, 00:47

Security Event Token (SET) spec addressing SecDir review comments, Mike Jones, 2018/04/04, 23:19

OpenID Presentations at April 2018 OpenID Workshop and IIW, Mike Jones, 2018/04/03, 15:51

For privacy we need tech more than policy, Doc Searls, 2018/04/02, 08:22

OpenID Certification wins the 2018 Identity Innovation Award, Mike Jones, 2018/03/29, 05:34

What Does Logout Mean?, Mike Jones, 2018/03/28, 06:43

Building Your Business on Sovrin: Domain-Specific Trust Frameworks, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/03/26, 13:52

Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica problems are nothing compared to what’s coming for all of online publishing, Doc Searls, 2018/03/23, 10:58

JWT BCP draft adding Nested JWT guidance, Mike Jones, 2018/03/23, 04:14

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