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The music never stopped, JP, 2018/02/10, 00:44

Mics Matter, Doc Searls, 2018/02/07, 14:40

Decentralized Governance in Sovrin, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/02/04, 12:14

Decentralized Governance, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/02/03, 10:48

CBOR Web Token (CWT) draft addressing shepherd review comments, Mike Jones, 2018/02/02, 21:17

Security Event Token (SET) spec simplifying claims usage, Mike Jones, 2018/02/02, 17:37

Geology answers for Montecito and Santa Barbara, Doc Searls, 2018/01/27, 16:30

Geology questions for Montecito and Santa Barbara, Doc Searls, 2018/01/25, 16:43

CBOR Web Token (CWT) draft correcting an example, Mike Jones, 2018/01/21, 13:37

Security Event Token (SET) spec incorporating clarifications and a RISC example, Mike Jones, 2018/01/20, 15:49

OAuth Token Exchange spec addressing Area Director feedback, Mike Jones, 2018/01/19, 21:40

Announcing the Sovrin Whitepaper, Phil Windley's Technometria, 2018/01/16, 14:14

Making sense of what happened to Montecito, Doc Searls, 2018/01/15, 18:25

Thinking about cricket and open data and platforms, JP, 2017/12/29, 15:20

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