KRL and XDI: Digital Chocolate and Peanut Butter

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reesesI’ve been working with Phil Windley on key issues in digital identity and trust networks for a long time now, and particularly closely in the past year since Kynetx became one of the first Founding Partners of the Respect Network.

But rarely have I seen technologies that work so well together as KRL and XDI. Besides their uncanny synergy in personal cloud architecture, recently Phil has done two blog posts about PDOs (“persistent data objects”):

As I read each of these points, every place I see the term “PDO” I read “XDI graph”. XDI is a way to have universal interoperability and portability of PDOs. (This doesn’t mean that every PDO must use XDI, just that XDI is a way to have widely interoperable PDOs.)

That immediately explains the synergy between XDI and KRL: as a rules language and CloudOS, KRL provides a way to write programs to work with PDOs anywhere in the cloud, and XDI is a way to address, serialize, and exchange those PDOs.

If you start from a conventional object-oriented perspective (hmmm, I remember back when object orientation was the radical new perspective ;-) ), here’s another way to think about it: if XDI provides interoperable data abstraction, KRL provides interoperable method abstraction.

In other words, KRL provides a rules-based mechanism that enables a developer to apply a method (“action”) to any PDO that satisfies the necessary conditions (“event”) to fire that method.

No wonder KRL and XDI are digital chocolate and peanut butter.

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