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The month of January I'm spending at home in the Bay Area and focused on a few key things:

  • Working with Phil Wolff and Jean Russell on key systems for the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium with an emphasis on the Startup Circle, Personal Cloud Gathering around the country, Educational Seminars and preparing to launch the Open Protocol Wire (to track all the open protocols relevant to the emerging space).
  • Doing year long planning and business development for the Unconference design, facilitation and production company with Bill Aal, Jennifer Holmes and Jean Russell.
  • Visioning how all the interests and themes I have been engaged with in my life's work are woven together in this coming year - a few more posts will follow to share current ideas/reflections.
The year will include:
  • Focusing on my personal human form sustainability and happiness.
  1. Including making space for bodily healing and regeneration
  2. moving and exercising
  3. growing my relationships with my chosen family
  4. spending quality and extended time with good friends
  5. making time for my art
  6. creating a beautiful and nurturing home environment
  7. having time to think and be away from home
  8. completing life homework (paperwork) that has been put off to long
  9. consciously connecting to my spiritual self
  10. reflecting and connecting with my ancestors and sharing more about them online
  • Growing the Personal Data Ecosystem into a Thriving Community and Organization Supporting it. 
  1. Spending more time with the Personal Data Ecosystem startups and growing the number we serve.
  2. Offering Seminars to get individuals, companies and funders up to speed.
  3. Getting great informational synthesis systems in place for news updates, white papers, events etc.
  4. Developing peer educational opportunities across the ecosystem (podcasts, webinars etc).
  5. Growing the number of Personal Cloud Meetups happening
  6. Helping coordinate joint activities and conversations including engaging with governments as they look at regulation.
  7. Working with Evan Prodromo and others on making real mutli-code base, open standards based interoperable Federated Social Web.
  8. Developing some socially responsible investing SRI and Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines for technology that go beyond "is the electricity in your data center green"
  9. Figuring out how
  • Engaging with the NSTIC process including attending the Phoenix meeting in early February (you are invited too). 
  1. Working with Aestetix on the NymRights efforts within and beside NSTIC.
  2. Completing the work of the holistic picture subcommittee I lead and seeing what is next.
  3. Working on getting citizen advocates who are diverse engaged in the  process
  4. Continuing to advocate for and provide ideas about how to actually put into practice inclusive, easy to participate in processes for NSTIC that get input from a broad range of stakeholders AND create enough space for industry folks used to enterprise identity management to actually "get" that this isn't about employee provisioning and termination.
  5. Inviting a focus within NSTIC to listening and responding to the complex system of the existing and emerging identity ecosystem rather then pursuing "plans" developed in committees of self appointed experts.
  6. Considering running again for the NSTIC Management Council seat in the elections coming up this spring.
Connecting & working with Young Global Leaders and WEF 

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