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I'm working on a few key focused things this year (more on that in the next post). One of them is being more proactive in posting where I am going to be.
This post has events of three types for the next 2 months.
Black BOLD: Will be attending
Red BOLD italics: Helping to Organize and will be attending/leading
* Interesting I wish I could go - not likely too.
I'm also sharing below that events I know I will be attending for the rest of the year - the interesting event post for the rest of the year.
* Cloud Computing Workshop and Big Data Forum, Gaithersburg, Maryland, January 15 - 17, 2013
* Strata Online, DataWarefare, January 22
* State of the Net Conference, Washington DC, January 22 - 23, 2013
NymRights Meeting at SudoRoom, Link, Wednesday January 23rd
Discussing the development of a Name Policy, generally AND put it forward into the NSTIC conversation

Online Community Manager Meetup link  San Francisco, January 23rd 

The core of this community are some amazing people who I really love and share the professional practice of doing community management online. Randy Farmer, Gail, Susan Tenby [personal hero for testifying before congress pro-social good use of second life and pro-nym and then having that picked up by the Daily Show, ] Bill Johnston, ,

* Cloud Security Alliance, Bay Area, January 24th

* Streams, Gardens, and Clouds: Visualizing Dynamic Data for Engagement, Education and the Environment: A CITRIS Data and Democracy Event to Celebrate Data Innovation Day link, Berkeley, January 24th

She's Geeky!!!! link Bay Area - Mountain View, January 25-27

I am super excited about this year - we have the amazing Kas Nettler executive producing. There are a bunch key topics and conversations I want to have including about

  • NSTIC - and getting involved for regular folks
  • Nym Rights,
  • Transgender Identity Issues Online,
  • Community and Conference Diversity including educating allies,
  • Considering possibility of doing healing circles in hacker/technical comunities.
* CFP Mini Conference in DC, January 28th
* Green Data Center Conference, San Diego, January 29-31
* Research Exchange talk by Tim O'Reilly at CITRUS, January 30th

Personal Cloud Evening Link in San Francisco, last week in San Francisco

Working with Johannes, Adrian, Adam along with PDEC members coming in from out of town Phil Windley and Drummond Reed.  It looks like an exciting line up.
* Computers, Privacy and Data Protection, Brussels, January 23-25


Community Leadership Summit linkSan Jose, 

Van Riper is the Community Leader - community leader.

NSTIC IDESG Face to Face, Phoenix, Feb 5-7

First of all you can register here - this will be the 3rd. I'll write more soon about NSTIC
* Lift Conference, Geneva, Feb 6-8

European Identity Workshop, LINK, Vienna, Feb 12-13

I'm working with Rainer Hober and Markus Sabedello to put this Unconfernece on. I'm really excited about it.
* Personal Digital Archiving, Maryland, Feb 21-22nd
* Wisdom 2.0, February 21-24th
* Future of  Banking Summit, Paris,  Feb 26th
* Strata Conference, Santa Clara, Feb 26 - 28th,

RSA Conference, San Francisco, Feb 25 - 29th

* Network & Distributed System Security Symposium,  San Diego, Feb 25-27,
Hosted by the Internet Society
 *  Public Interest Environmental Law Conference PIELC, Eugene, Feb 28 - March


Harvard Leadership Program with YGLs, link, Cambridge, April 2-12th

Future of Money and Technology, link, San Francisco, April ? 

UnMoney Convergence, link, San Francisco, April ?


Internet Identity Workshop #16, Mountain View, May 7-9


YGL Summit Mayanmar, and WEF East Asia link June 2 - 7 


Cloud Identity Summit, link, Napa, July 8 - 12
Hollyhock Invitational, link Cortez, July 



Digital Enlightenment Forum,  Europe, September 16-18,


Interent Identity Workshop #17, link, Mountain View, October



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