I’m running for Mayor* again!

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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I'm planning on running for Mayor * again (a position on the NSTIC Steering Group Management Council) - this time for a different "municipality" (delegate representative).

Currently I am the Consumer Advocate delegate - I'm going to shift my membership and join the IDESG with my hat as Executive Director of PDEC and run for the Small Business and Entrepreneur delegated on the Management Council.

If you want to be a part of the IDESG and VOTE in this round of elections you MUST register by February 14th.  

Go to KaliyaforMayor.org to learn more about my campaign & register to vote OR just go to their site if you are new. If you registered last election you have to submit the new/updated membership agreement including signing it and sending it in.  Send an e-mail to:  administrator@idecosystem.org update your registration.

If you want updates from me put your e-mail here 

Why the shift in my mayoral race to a new stakeholder delegate category. Simply it creates greater alignment with the main focus of my day to day work on two fronts.

  • PDEC is a trade association of entrepenuers from around the world working developing personal clouds and services.
  • I myself am a small business owner Unconference.net is my conference design and facilitation business

It seems like it was just yesterday that I ran for Mayor * (The Consumer (and Citizen) advocacy delegate on the management council of the Identity Ecosystem Steering Group for the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace) but that was in August. Another round of elections is happening this spring.

I have been to all the Management Council meetings even those that happened at 3am local time when I was in China in September. Much of the energy and attention in this first period of of NSTIC was on the governance of the steering group but now we are focusing on getting real work done.

In December I was asked by Brett McDowell chair of the Management Council to chair a sub-committee of the Management Council focused on collecting Holistic Pictures.  We have completed our work you can see it here.

I also have been helping people who were involved in the NymWars who have an interest in ensuring that NymRights issues are represented within NSTIC.

Recently within NSTIC there has been a focus on business models for businesses and overall market models. I think that PDEC companies have a lot to offer in this effort and are really making privacy protecting, end user empowering business models.




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