What could Kill NSTIC? PDEC White Paper Released

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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My colleague at the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, Phil Wolff, hosted sessions at the last two IIW's that invited community consideration of the risks to NSTIC. He has put together a paper that outlines the results of these two sessions that were titled "Death to NSTIC" the white paper is "What Could Kill NSTIC: A Friendly Threat Assessment". He has a video about it and you can download it from our website. 

It also has a Bonus Section I wrote that:

  • Explains some of the background of NSTIC
  • Articulates the 6 main parts of NSTIC and what they do
  • Explains the relevance of NSTIC to the companies in the Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium.

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