Ad blocking passes 2 billion worldwide

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GlobalWebIndex‘s Global Ad-Blocking Behavior report says 47% of us are blocking ads now. It also says, “As a younger and more engaged audience, ad-blockers also are much more likely to be paying subscribers and consumers. Ad-free premium services are especially attractive.”

This is pretty close to Don Marti‘s long-standing claim that readers who protect their privacy are more valuable than readers who don’t.

And now there is also this, from Internet World Stats:

So, since GlobalWebIndex says 47% of us are using ad blockers, and Internet World Stats says there were 4,312,982,270 Internet users by the end of last year, more than 2,027,101.667 people are now blocking ads worldwide.

What those say together is, more than two billion people are blocking ads today.

Perspective: back in 2015, we were already calling ad blocking The biggest boycott in human history. And that was when the number was just “approaching 200 million.”

If we that Internet World Stats total users number with GlobalWebIndex’s breakouts of listed reasons why those surveyed block ads, you get these:

  • 1,638,933,263, or 38%, listed Ads contain viruses or bugs
  • 1,121,375,390, or 26%, listed Ads might compromise my online privacy, and
  • 948,856,099, or 22%, listed Stop ads being personalized.

That’s a pretty big market for privacy tools and services.

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