20th She’s Geeky!!! Jan 29-30th Mountain View

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I’m super excited about the 20th She’s Geeky Unconference coming up January 29th and 30th in Mountain View. I’m going to be facilitating. So it will be extra fun. To celebrate our 20th She’s Geeky we are offering a special 20% off ticket price register with the dicount code: MYGIFT20. Can’t commit to two days? The MYGIFT20 code is also valid for one-day registrations. To register go to www.shesgeeky.org. Here is a flyer for you to print out for your office. SGBA_2016_Flyer_010616
About She’s Geeky: Inspiring each other, creating vital networks, and sharing skills are the backbone of our events. Without places to re-energize and networks that support them, women who have done the hard work of developing their skills to work in STEM may drop out after just a few years in their eld. We want to improve the situation of women in STEM elds, increase retention Continue reading "20th She’s Geeky!!! Jan 29-30th Mountain View"

She’s Geeky! Bay Area, January 24-26

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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Calling all Geeky women!

We are doing it again - a weekend of fun and connection and nerding out.

January 24-26th at Microsoft in Mountain View.


It is one of my favorite weekends of the year. If you are a woman and you do anything related to tech or science or math or day dream about science fiction, are a gamer.  The diversity of women is amazing.

It is a great place to practice a talk you are thinking about or have to give at some other event, talk about critical issues like NSA spying, learn about other nerdy things like bee-keeping and knitting weird math shapes.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have about it.

If you are a guy reading this...please let women friends and colleagues know about it.


Personal Clouds, Digital Enlightenment, Identity North

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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Next week Thursday August 22nd is the Personal Cloud Meetup in San Francisco. It will be hosted at MSFT.  If you want to get connected to the community it is a great way to do so. Here is where you register. 

In September I'm heading to Europe for the Digital Enlightenment Forum September 18-20th. I'm excited about the program and encourage those of you in Europe who might be reading this to consider attending. We are doing a 1/2 day of Open Space (what we do at IIW) where the agenda is created live at the event.

October 1-2 is Identity North in Toronto and Vancouver. I'm working with Aran and the other organizers again. The first day will be curated talks and the 2nd day will be Open Space (what we do at IIW) where the agenda is created live at the event.

I'm heading to Investing with a Gender Lens Convergence in CT.  Topic that I'm bringing there is Gender and Big Data.

I'm considering plan to spending the week of October 7th in Boston and/or New York. If you think this is a good idea and want to meet with me or make something happen out there this week let me know.

NSTIC's next IDESG Plenary is the week of October 14th in Washington, DC.

Then its the Internet Identity Workshop October 22-24th in Mountain View.

The next thing on my calendar is a tentative dates in December for the UnMoney Convergence December 10th.

Then in the new year its She's Geeky! at the end of January.

She’s Geeky Seattle: April 26-27

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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She's Geeky is coming to Seattle in April 26-27.

She's Geeky Logo

I will be heading up to facilitate and am very excited to finally have this event coming to the North West.

She's Geeky is a kind of magical event where women geeks of all kinds, gaming geeks, linux geeks, fandom geeks, crafting geeks, beekeeping geeks, drupal geeks, raspberry pi geeks, Arduino geeks, geeks in training, come together and hang out learning from each other.

Maybe we can even get some women from my native Vancouver to come down. :)

Online Community Unconfernece “Its BACK!”

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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I am really excited to be working with a super awesome crew of leaders of the Online Community Manager Tribe - or OCTribe.  We have been considering reviving the event and the pieces have finally come together to do it.

May 21st at the Computer History Museum

Registration is Open!

I really love the other co-organizers who are all rockstar community managers.

The conference was originally produced by Forum One and I contracted with them to help design and facilitate. That event itself grew out of an invitational summit they hosted annually on online communities.  I actually attended one of these in 2004 as a replacement for Owen Davis who I worked for at the time at Identity Commons (1).

My firm Unconference.net is doing the production and facilitation for the event.

I plan to bring forward topics of digital identity forward at the event and hopefully get some of the amazing expertise on identity and reputation to participate in NSTIC.



Super Trip Review from NSTIC to RSA

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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I've been on two super trips recently.  One went from before American Thanksgiving to early December. This last one was much of February beginning with NSTIC and ending with RSA. I wrote this in pen and paper last week and typed it up today.

One way I manage to get around is to piece together what could only be considered "super trips" - 18 days.

I actually started off at home on Feb 2nd helping Van Riper run the Community Leadership Summit West. Its an unconfernece for mostly technical  community leaders but also managers but was inclusive of other community based community leaders. I will have a blog post about it up on my Unconference.net site.

February 4th I headed to NSTIC's 3rd plenary in Phoenix. I presented the results of the Holistic Picture Visualization Sub-Committee printing out the images we found online.  Bob Blakley and Brett McDowell did a good job shaping the agenda and inviting plenary participants to connect with the big vision of NSTIC of 10 years out.

  • All implementation actions are complete, and all required policies, processes, tools, and technologies are in place and continuing to evolve to support the Identity Ecosystem.
  • A majority of relying parties are choosing to be part of the Identity Ecosystem.
  • A majority of U.S. Internet users regularly engage in transactions verified through the Identity Ecosystem.
  • A majority of online transactions are happening within the Identity Ecosystem.
  • A sustainable market exists for Identity Ecosystem identity and attribute service providers.

While at the same time reminding on the way to getting a man on the Moon we got a Monkey into the Ionosphere - so what is our monkey in an Ionosphere - at the plenary groups were invited to articulate this:

  • Relying parties from multiple sectors are demonstrating identity and strong authentication credential interoperability
  • Is easier to use than the broken user account and password methods
  • Licensed professionals now have a common way to express credentials and ongoing certification.   No longer do licensed professionals need to scan, fax or otherwise send paper copies proving their qualifications every time another client seeks to retain their services.
  • allows citizens to securely establish a multi-purpose single identity that will significantly reduce, and eventually eliminate, the need to create and maintain multiple passwords and PINs.
  • Secure web accounts for use in circles of on line providers by 10 banks, 15 insurance companies and 25 hospitals.

February 7th I headed to Washington DC to work with my colleague at PDEC Steve Greenberg who is based there. We came up with some great new metaphors to explain for what is happening on the Personal Data Ecosystem.  You will have to come to one of our seminars if you wanna know ;)

I logged in to find a place nearby via AirBnB and had to go through KBA to do so (I had a choice I could have held up my drivers licence beside my face and turn on my camera too).  They also strongly encourage people to login with Facebook.  Your username is prominently displayed and well I didn't get that in choosing Kaliya this was the case. I have to see if I can change this. I stayed with a great couple - they had just given up cable in exchange for Netflix and Hulu. We watched the first episode ever of Star Trek.

I took a BoltBus from Baltimore to NYC with 4h to get to JFK for my direct red-eye flight to Vienna. I was met by Rainer Hober at the airport. He and Markus Sabedello invited me to help them put on an unconfernece in the spirit of IIW - the name of it became the European Workshop for Trust and Identity.  Rainer did an amazing job of pulling it all together and Terrena folks were well represented along the 40 people. There were folks from at least 12 different countries.  You can see the notes here.

I was excited to learn new things and have new insights / clarity enough not so easy these days.  I will write a post about the insights from this particular session where I whiteboard some new understandings.

A key to super trips is to not make travel to stressful. So mid-day Wednesday I travelled to London. I went to my a friend's flat and headed to the Innovation Wearhouse to touch base with Tony Fish & Prep for the first ever seminar. It went well - I covered more material then I planned for the day.

We had:

  • 2 Consultants
  • 1 guy from a Telco
  • 1 Investor
  • 1 University Student
  • 1 Business guy

Three knew Tony well, 1 had seen our diagrams circulating and looked us up.

The next day I had the day off in London and met with Jon Sharman and his daughter about the idea of an identity film festival of both short and long films.  We had the idea of creating an identity game with trump cards. I went to the Muji Store <3 Then I met up with Peter Stepman from WPSChallenger for a drink and some food while we wandered to a new part of London.

I headed to DC mid-day Sunday and stayed with a friend from the identity community. I met up with Greg who runs myUSA. They are looking at how people can use personal clouds to fill out government forms.  We talked about Identity standards and what is emerging in the industry. I encouraged him to head out to IIW.  It turns out we met about 10 years ago at an event that Susan Mernit put on.

I headed to NYC for our now postponed Seminar there. I got to meet up with Allison Fine who invited me to contribute to the Anthology Rebooting America. She is working on a new project on how us being networked is impacting collective generosity.

I took a break and saw Avenue Q off broadway. It was super fun - basically Sesame Street for adults.

I was reminded by a friend about Brene Brown's work on whole hearted living. The only difference between those who experience whole hearted is that they believe they are worthy of love and belonging. I totally recommend all 3 of her TED talks and this other one.

The East Coast part of trip ended with my meeting up with a guy who pinged me from the internet because my blog is referenced in  the wikipedia Social Login article (with a rare direct link pointing to my identity spectrum post). It turns out the company has a product in the personal data space. I headed to Seattle and spent the morning with my Unconfernece.net colleague Bill Aal.



European Travel and Podcasts this Summer

This post is by Kaliya Hamlin, Identity Woman from Identity Woman

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I'm heading to Europe on Wednesday.  The travel plans and events are below. One of the main reasons I am going is to connect with the people and communities in Europe working on identity and personal data.  I want to come back with about 10 podcasts recorded with key people from the community that I meet along the way - these will be edited on my return and posted on the web publicly.

I will also be inviting/encouraging participation with PDEC in the two main ways we have so far to engage.

* If you are a startup or a proejct focused on how people are in charge of their personal data you can apply to be part of the Startup Circle.

* If you are in an enterprise or just interested you can subscribe to the Journal.

Please don't be afraid to reach out and connect with me if you are in Europe or know some folks in Europe I should be sure to connect with on this trip. Kaliya@pde.cc  txt:510472-9069  Skype: Identitywoman


  • June 7th I arrive in London and have meetings/social things
  • June 11th is an Identity, Personal Data & Personal Clouds Unconference I am facilitating and Tony Fish is organizing - You're INVITED!
  • June 12th is the OIX Event
  • June 12-13th is New Digital Economics
  • June 14th is WEF Tiger Team Day
  • June 15-17 Netherlands
  • June 18-19 is the Digital Enlightenment Forum
  • June 20th I plan to travel to Paris
  • I might travel to Geneva..
  • June 25-27th in Berlin
  • June 27th I fly out of Berlin to SF.